Bastard Lord (SDXL)

Original - TenStar Fund



Bastard Lord is a general use model:

This model can do:

  • Photorealistic

  • Digital Art

  • Anime

  • Comic

  • Vector Graphics

  • Line art

  • Stickers

  • can write short text

  • etc

    The model needs no refiner!

    SFW and NSFW

This is a Collab Model between me and Afroman4peace please check out his amazing work too https://civitai.com/user/Afroman4peace

based on Sleipnir and Hephaistos_NextGENXL and its holds unique parts of not published models and get some new loras inside the model too.

PS: will report every sick photo that is posted here that is against the law!

This disclaimer is not here without reasons. please have in mind this is like a virtual showroom and posting extreme stuff here is like 💩 on my desk in real live 😉

Version Detail

SDXL 1.0
First Version of the Collab Model Bastard Lord

Project Permissions

Reprinting is strictly prohibited

    Use Permissions

  • Use without crediting me

  • Share merges of this model

  • Use different permissions on merges

    Commercial Use

  • Sell generated images

  • Use on generation services

  • Sell this model or merges


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