Osiris Project XL (SWF&NSFW)

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This is my latest model which I call Osiris Project XL.

Its might one of my best checkpoints yet and it is a Colossus/DEMON CORE Mix with really good low step abilities.

DPM++ SDE is working very good at 6 CFG and 9 steps.

You can create all kinds of styles like Photo Realism, Digital ART, ANIME, HORROR and so on.

Be careful its uncensored ;-)

If you like it check out my other projects and models as well..

Version Detail

SDXL 1.0
I recommend using DPM++ SDE Sampler you can try using low steps from at least 9 steps @ 6-8 cfg. Higher steps can get better results. Also do a highres fix.. As upscaler I recommend 4x foolhardy. Don't use it with VAE "Automatic".. choose "none".

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