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Please do not share it on other websites at will. I will upload it myself if possible.At least ask for my own opinion first.

You don't need to download both v1.0 and 4960_fireflies.
They have the exact same functionality, just different names.
I uploaded it because having the same file with different names was confusing for me and my computer.

This confusion often led to issues when uploading images using this Lora. So, I decided to make Civitai equally confused and ensure that images, regardless of which named firefly Lora was used, can be successfully uploaded here.

All images I made will be placed in v1.0, and those who are interested can view them there.

I've recently been relearning how to train Lora on my computer(because I want to save more Buzz), and I chose fireflies backgrounds for the training.

I used 31 illustrations of fireflies generated from Stable Diffusion and Bing.

it can provide a natural scene of fireflies dancing in the night + lighting flowers and plants (and a lot of light pollution).

However, more often, the images appear to be a mixture of glowing butterflies, moths, and firefly spots. I currently have a bit of difficulty resolving this issue.

If you're a user seeking realism and expect to see fireflies resembling shiny beetles or cockroaches dancing in the air, then this version of Lora may not be suitable for you.

Despite not using this Lora, people can create similar or even more beautiful illustrations. However, for me, it's been a good learning experiment.

After some consideration, I have decided to share it.

If you are interested about these images or simply don't want to think about prompts, feel free to download and play with it, although it's certainly not a necessity.

How to use:

The training data includes scenes with multiple children and a single female character (no real people), so generating character images should not be a problem.

However, when it comes to the number of limbs for characters in the generation process, you should still pay extra attentions to it.

Most of the fireflies in the images used for training have warm tones, so the glow in the images tends to be represented in colors like orange and yellow.

Trigger word: fireflies,night(Otherwise the screen will be too bright)

Optional: jar, children,
If you dislike the butterfly-like fluttering effect, you can include (butterflies, moths) in negative prompts and increase their weight. This generally helps reduce the random appearance of these insects to some extent.
Have Fun.

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SD 1.5
<p>You don't need to download this file. It has the exact same functionality as V1.0. I uploaded it because having the same file under different names confused me.</p>

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