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✨MangApolonia Comics✨ LoRA#13

Apolonia is my little creation for a comic model & gallery competition, she's a cute little girl with short brown hair and piercing big blue eyes, and she gets into all sorts of adventures. I initially found it very difficult to create comic book layouts/panels, but after a bit of reading I think I managed to produce something decent. It can create themed comic panels/layouts AND comic covers too, as shown in the LoRA images.

It's trained on BreakDomianAnime, and it's really good at creating just about any scenario, especially icy, snowy, penguiny ones🐧

I use the following parameters:

Base model: BreakDomianAnime

LoRA strength: <0.7>

Steps: <30>

CFG: 7

Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras

Clip: 2

I haven't done much testing with other checkpoints, but I think it will perform well in all anime models. As usual, it's just a bit of fun😊

If you enjoy my work and can spare a Talent to support a poor ex-leper, you can do so here 💋

Version Detail

SD 1.5

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