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⬇Read the info below to get the high quality images🙏 (click on show more)⬇


This model is free for personal use and free for personal merging(*).

For commercial use, please be sure to contact me

Animesh - my first base model is up!

Like I said this is my first base model so... press on <3 and post your images ;)

-> It work good with close up portrait (1:1) or vertical (9:16) output

-> at medium - long distance, I suggest to use inpaint masking only the face for better results.

-> The LoRa FV (Final Version) have better results with wwanime_v10 model

or DreamShaper 6.31 Backed Vae + Add More Details

⬇Read the info below to get the same quality images🙏


Recommended Settings - VAE is included (but if you want use one, use the 840000 ema pruned)

Clip skip : 2

Upscaler : 4x-Ultrasharp

Sampler : DPM++ 2M SDE Karras

CFG : 5.5~8 (7 it give you better results)

Steps : 30+ (I suggest 50 for long complicated prompt)

Pos Prompt: (ultra realistic, best quality, masterpiece, perfect face)

Neg Prompt : (worst quality, low quality, fat, ugly)


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For commercial use, please be sure to contact me

You are solely responsible for any legal liability resulting from unethical use of this model

(*) MarkWar is authorized by me to do anything with my models.

(**) Why did I set such stringent rules? Because I'm tired of seeing sites like Pixai (and many others) that get rich on the backs of the model creators without giving anything in return.

Version Detail

SD 1.5

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    Commercial Use

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