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Gelatin Tech - World Morph 🍮

Embark on a playful exploration of a gelatinous world a delightful treat for the senses . and revel in a reality where "Gelatin Tech" reigns supreme, turning technology into a delightful treat for the senses.Step through Gelatin Tech!

Things To know:

  • You must use the trigger word gelatintech to activate it. take care not to sleep!

  • you can explore new variations by adding or removing scifi to go more or less techy

  • u can add the following decorators see-through, transparent, for the complete effect.

  • for characters can add gelatin skin,

  • add whatever color you want to the prompt

Usage Tips :

  • see the samples metadata for use cases

  • healthy LoRA weight range from 1 to 1.4

  • get a good from then clean it with hires fix

  • send to img2img to flesh out more details or to strengthen the LoRA even more

  • I recommend checkpoints that works great with generating small details like "revAnimated"

Fun experiments :

  • visit the mountains

  • find keywords to make trigger new interesting behaviors

  • test with anime characters

  • recommend a local drink

  • bake a cake

  • make a jello pet

Happy exploration and consider rating ⭐

Base ModelSD 1.5
Trigger Words
  • Download the model file

  • Use without crediting

  • Share merges of this model

  • Use different permissions on merges

Commercial use: None


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