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a goth girl, portrait, upper body, by Luis Royo
  • a goth girl, portrait, upper body, by Luis Royo
  • a goth girl, portrait, upper body, horror vibe, by Luis Royo
  • super cute girl IP by popmart,natural light,Adorable,Youthful,Animated, pixar style,Medium length hair
  • masterpiece, best quality, half body, portrait, night city, 1girl, anime, 3D, Japan, pixar, realistic, teen girl, smiling, cute face, harajuku fashion style, rain coat, beautiful, colourful, neon lights, cyberpunk, smooth skin, illustration, artstation, painting by stanley artgerm lau, sideways glance, foreshortening, extremely detailed 8K, smooth, high resolution, ultra quality, highly detail eyes, highly detail mouth, highly detailed face, perfect eyes, both eyes are the same, true light, glare, Iridescent, Global illumination, real hair movement, real light, real shadow, real face, hd, 2k, 4k, 8k, 16k, realistic light, realistic shadow, bright Eyes, fluorescent eyes, soft light, dream light
  • a goth girl, portrait, upper body, pixar style
  • a man, portrait, upper body, pixar style
  • low poly 3d model japanese baby girl
  • a girl wearing pink t-shirt, thumb up, bright smile, gray background, 3d cartoon render
  • camellia, flower, red_flower, red_rose, rose, katana, 1girl, pink_rose, pink_flower, spider_lily, shoes, long_hair, school_uniform, serafuku, sheath, skirt, solo,  sheathed, vase, looking_at_viewer, sitting, orange_flower, pleated_skirt, rose_petals, black_shirt, black_legwear, black_skirt, hibiscus, very_long_hair, parted_lips, loafers, sailor_collar, black_hair, neckerchief

This can be said to be the model I spent the most time, effort and money on, after a lot of training and the last time was 65340 steps, I finally produced the official product. 30% pixar + 20% 3D realism + 50% 3D anime, it ended up getting close to what I wanted. The most impressive thing is always the eyes, which I always focus on the most, followed by the leather and other things, hope that all of that can create a new sense of excitement for everyone.

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Nprompt: illustration, 3d, 2d, painting, cartoons, sketch, (worst quality:1.9), (low quality:1.9), (normal quality:1.9), lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, vaginas in breasts, ((monochrome)), ((grayscale)), collapsed eyeshadow, multiple eyebrow, (cropped), oversaturated, extra limb, missing limbs, deformed hands, long neck, long body, imperfect, (bad hands), signature, watermark, username, artist name, conjoined fingers, deformed fingers, ugly eyes, imperfect eyes, skewed eyes, unnatural face, unnatural body, error, bad image, bad photo

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