Soulful Aesthetics



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a man with a scarf around his neck<lora:Soulful_Aesthetics_sdxl:1.0>
  • a man with a scarf around his neck<lora:Soulful_Aesthetics_sdxl:1.0>
  • A majestic, otherworldly creature with iridescent wings and ethereal patterns, hovering in a forest clearing, the soft sunlight filtering through the leaves creating a magical, enchanting atmosphere, depicted in a detailed digital artwork. <lora:Soulful_Aesthetics_sdxl:1.0>
  • An ethereal celestial being, adorned with shimmering constellations, floating in the vastness of space, captured in a mesmerizing digital painting that captures the celestial beauty of the cosmos. <lora:Soulful_Aesthetics_sdxl:1.0>
  • A pair of star-crossed lovers, hands reaching out through a portal between dimensions, convey a sense of longing and connection in an emotionally charged digital artwork:1.6, star-crossed lovers:1.2, portal between dimensions:1.2, longing:1.1, connection:1.1, emotionally charged:1.1, digital artwork:1.3. <lora:Soulful_Aesthetics_sdxl:1.0>
  • person Plan and prepare for the next day.<lora:Soulful_Aesthetics_sdxl:1.0>
  • A futuristic cityscape at night, bathed in neon lights and reflections, towering skyscrapers surrounded by flying cars and bustling crowds, reminiscent of a cyberpunk utopia, captured with an anamorphic lens for a wide cinematic feel. <lora:Soulful_Aesthetics_sdxl:1.0>
  • a man with a beard wearing a colorful suit and tie<lora:Soulful_Aesthetics_sdxl:1.0>
  • person Sing your favorite songs to your reflection in the mirror while getting ready.<lora:Soulful_Aesthetics_sdxl:1.0>
  • a woman with a colorful hat and scarf<lora:Soulful_Aesthetics_sdxl:1.0>
  • A whimsical forest populated by anthropomorphic animals engaged in everyday activities, captured in a charming and detailed illustration that invites the viewer to explore the enchanting world. <lora:Soulful_Aesthetics_sdxl:1.0>
<p><strong>inspirations:</strong></p><ul><li><p>Erik Marinovich</p></li><li><p>Chiara Bautista</p></li><li><p>Gina Triplett</p></li><li><p>Tillie Walden</p></li></ul>
Base ModelSDXL 1.0
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