Futuristic Ao dai/Cyber Ao dai/Cyber style SDXL




Futuristic Ao dai is a model combines traditional elements of Ao dai with futuristic cyber-mechanical elements, presenting a unique visual effect.

LoRA is trained from 200 evenly quality images, you can be quite comfortable in using and creating. But I still suggest the safe range when using LoRA is from 0.75 to 1.0

Recommended base models: XXMix_9realisticSDXL(Test)

Use more words: mecha, mechanical arms, ... to be effective.

You can refer to some of the indicators below to achieve the best image quality :

  • Steps : > 50

  • CFG : 9-10

  • Size : 768x1162 px ( or 800x1200px )

  • You can also use hiresfix ( hiresfix is ​​not really good at SDXL, if you use it please consider denoising streng 0.2-0.3 ) or After Detailer

  • Sampling : Euler a or DPM ++ SDE Karass

    You can try this prompts: official art, unity 8k wallpaper, (ultra detailed), beautiful and aesthetic, beautiful, masterpiece, best quality, (cowboy shot:1.4) (1girl:1.3), (long hair, white hair:1.4), mature female, cyberpunk, mecha, sexy, iridescent eyes, starry sky, standing, , futuristic_aodai, (street:1.3), neon light, (blue orb core:1.2)(white clothes:1.3), (wind blowing:1.3),

Version Detail

SDXL 1.0

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