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Weight: 1.0

Default Outfit: ventidef, beret, hat flower, white shirt, bow, long sleeves, frilled sleeves, corset, cape, green shorts, white pantyhose, jewelry, brooch

Archon: ventiarc, hair flower, crop top, bridal gauntlets, hooded capelet, white shorts, single thighhigh

Add gradient hair, black hair, blue hair and green eyes if necessary.

The results of your generations are dependent on the additional LoRAs, weights, and models you use, so it may not work or come out as consistent as my sample images. Other reasons may include me using xformers, token merging, and a modified DPM++ 2M Karras sampler. You may sometimes notice that my prompt includes <lyco:. Note that some of my LoRA files are located within my LyCORIS folder. If the model is labeled as a LoRA, it's a simple LoRA. If it's specified as a LyCORIS, it's a LoCon/LoHa.

Version Detail

SD 1.5

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