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<lora:FrostRaceTech-20:0.8>,frostracetech, cryogenic , scifi, (atmospheric fog:1.3) ,car, glowing , wind trail, ocean view, highway
  • <lora:FrostRaceTech-20:0.8>,frostracetech, cryogenic , scifi, (atmospheric fog:1.3) ,car, glowing , wind trail, ocean view, highway
  • <lora:FrostRaceTech-20:0.8>,frostracetech, cryogenic , scifi, car, glowing , wind trail, ocean view, highway
  • <lora:FrostRaceTech-20:0.8>,frostracetech, cryogenic , scifi , ground vehicle, optical prisms,tank on a battlefield
  • <lora:FrostRaceTech-20:0.8>,frostracetech, cryogenic , scifi , desert, pyramid \(structure\),clouds
  • <lora:FrostRaceTech-20:1>,frostracetech, cryogenic , scifi  ,eiffel tower
  • <lora:FrostRaceTech-20:0.8>,frostracetech, cryogenic , contemporary, open jacket, ,scholar , scroll, 1boy,long hair, blue skin,white hair, red  eyes, smile
  • <lora:FrostRaceTech-20:0.8>,frostracetech, cryogenic , scifi , utopiacity, urban area, newyork
  • <lora:FrostRaceTech-20:0.8>,frostracetech, cryogenic , scifi ,utopiacity, urban area,
  • <lora:FrostRaceTech-20:0.8>,frostracetech, cryogenic , scifi , space ship, city on top
  • <lora:FrostRaceTech-20:0.8>,frostracetech, cryogenic , scifi ,portal a couple walking   in the park, colorful oil painting, vibrant landscape painting, man and woman walking together, romanticism landscape painting, canvas art print, bright depth oil colors, impressionist oil
  • <lora:FrostRaceTech-20:0.8>,frostracetech, cryogenic , scifi , 1girl, standing, hatsune miku,  detailed eyes
  • <lora:FrostRaceTech-20:0.8>,frostracetech, cryogenic , scifi, house on a hill
  • <lora:FrostRaceTech-20:0.8>,frostracetech, cryogenic , contemporary, ,scholar , scroll, 1girl,long hair, blue skin,white hair, glowing eyes,
  • <lora:FrostRaceTech-20:1>,frostracetech, cryogenic , contemporary, living room,
  • <lora:FrostRaceTech-20:0.8>,frostracetech, cryogenic , ice formations,close-upcoffee machine ,cold ,coffee mug,
  • <lora:FrostRaceTech-20:0.8>,frostracetech, cryogenic , scifi, battle mech,floating stones , debris, cityscape, wind wings
  • <lora:FrostRaceTech-20:0.8>,frostracetech, cryogenic , scifi ,utopiaamusement park ,
  • <lora:FrostRaceTech-20:0.8>,frostracetech, cryogenic , scifi , bowl of fruits,
  • <lora:FrostRaceTech-20:1>,frostracetech, cryogenic , scifi, computer ,screen,holographic interface,

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Frost Race Tech - World Morph 🧊

This LoRA is not meant to be a straight "up things in ice" where the fun in that !, instead it tells a story of race prospering in an endothermic age in an alternate sub-zero planet !

using optical tech and ice instead of electronics and plastic . . .

Things To know:

  • does not directly add ice but it stats to freeze whats available including air

  • You must use the trigger word frostracetecht o activate it , and its fully functional!

  • adding cryogenic seem to give the LoRA more healthy influence .

  • now you must specify ur era! yup this one multi flavored you can have scifi or fantasy or contemporary each with unique looks.

  • for urban and architectural image you can spice things up with utopia, optical prisms

  • wanna meet the locals of this world ? add frost race

  • use any ice related terms, so many possibilities your imagination is the limit!

Usage Tips :

  • healthy LoRA weight range from 0.8 to 1.5

  • send to img2img to flesh out more details or to strengthen the LoRA even more

  • I recommend checkpoints that works great with generating small details like "revAnimated"

  • use ConsoleNet Tiles to generate super resolutions and explore finer details

Base ModelSD 1.5
Trigger Words
  • Download the model file

  • Use without crediting

  • Share merges of this model

  • Use different permissions on merges

Commercial use: None


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