Prompt: "Isabella, a breathtaking beauty from the sun-soaked shores of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where stunning grace meets rhythmic charm. She embodies the samba's lively rhythm with every step, her movements flowing with an effortless elegance. Her charm is as captivating as the city itself, infused with the vibrant energy and joyous spirit of Rio, Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro, Her appearance is radiant and full of life, reflecting the warm, golden sunshine and the lively culture of her homeland. dark brown hair, curly short hair, Yellow sunglasses, fit and chubby girl,perfecteyes eyes,photo of perfecteyes eyes,photorealistic,Amirah Adara,hourglass body shape,yoga pants,microdress,ruanyi0203, brown hair, straight hair,Masterpiece,Detailedface,3va,Sexy Pose,REALISTIC,masterpiece

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