Full face portrait photo of 25 year old European girl, RAW, beautiful woman, semi-open strawberry lip, dimples, wistful expression, (brown hair with extra long wavy), ((detailed face)), ((detailed facial features)), (fine detailed skin), pale skin, cyberpunk megacity environment, (cool color), moist, damp, reflection, (masterpieceShot with Canon EOS R5 (detail) (Realistic photos) (Detailed details) 50mm lens, f/2.8, HDR, (8k) (wallpaper) (cinematic lighting) (dramatic lighting) (sharp focus) (complex), RAW photography, RAW photography, gigachad photography, camera pose, black jeans, back arm, 8k uhd, dslr, high quality, Grain Film, Fujifilm XT3, Film Stock Photo 4 Kodak Portra 400 Camera F1.6 Lens Rich colors Ultra-realistic textures Dramatic lighting Unreal Engine Art Station Trends Cinestill 800 Tungsten, Toughboy Style, Ultra Focus Face, Intimidating, Fighting Position, Short Messy Hair, Muscles, Bursting Veins, Beads, (( blue camisole crop top)),

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