(1girl), ((sports bra, crop jacket, short shorts:1.3)), ((medium Breasts, breasts overflow, rounded breasts:1.3)), ((bimbo breast, torpedo breast:1.1)), ((accentuated breast, large pelvic, wide hip, midriff, narrow waist, curvy waist, fit:1.2)), ((slim, skinny waist:1.3)), modern hairstyle, colour streaked hair, highlights, ((sweaty)), ((sexy poses:1.3)), ((wide hips, groin)), ((huge pelvic)),masterpiece, best quality, realistic, ultra highres, depth of field, (full dual colour neon lighting:1.2), (hard dual colour lighting:1.4), (detailed face:1.2), (detailed eyes:1.2), (detailed background), (masterpiece:1.2), (ultra detailed), (best quality), intricate, comprehensive cinematic, magical photography, (gradients), colorful, detailed landscape, visual key, shiny skin,

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