a super high-detailed and realistic image of a cyberpunk-style knight in a silver-blue Spider-Man-inspired body armor with a glowing lightning charge:

"Generate an extraordinary and highly detailed image of a cyberpunk-style knight donning a state-of-the-art silver-blue body armor that draws inspiration from Spider-Man, yet takes it to a new level of high-tech brilliance. This knightly body armor emits a mesmerizing glow, with lightning charges coursing through its surface, showcasing its incredible technological sophistication.

The knight's powerful physique is accentuated by the hi-tech armor, and his body suit incorporates an array of advanced tools and gadgets, all seamlessly integrated. He wears a Hi-Tech helmet, both concealing his identity and offering crucial data through its heads-up display.

In this stunning image, the knight is adorned in the full glory of his Hi-Tech lightning charge magical armor, a perfect blend of technology and mystic power. The background should portray a knightly setting, heightening the sense of grandeur and heroism.

With a heroic and dynamic pose, this image should encapsulate the knight's unwavering courage and determination. Every detail, from the intricate spider-like designs on the armor to the crackling energy of the lightning charge, should be meticulously rendered, creating a 4K HDR super high-quality masterpiece that immerses viewers in the thrilling world of this cyberpunk knight." ((Photographic cinematic super high detailed super realistic warrior spider knight image)), ((4k HDR super high quality image)), ((masterpiece)), (((full body))),

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