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Haute couture fashion illustration, extreme close up shot, of high fashion intricated embroidery sari, dinamic pose || in the style of Jason Brooks, ||, tonal transitions, high-energy, detailed, iconic, minimalistic, concept art, intricate detail, calligraphic lines, pencil drawing, illustrative art, soft lighting, detailed, more Flowing rhythm, elegant, low contrast, add soft blur with thin line, World character design, high-energy, detailed, minimalistic, concept art, in style of Soleil Ignacio, Megan Hess, Kerrie Hess, Masterpiece, Fashion Illustration, style,retro ink, glide_fashion, monkren, aw0k euphoric style, oil painting,vapor_graphic, intricate detail, aesthetic portrait, comic book,artistic oil painting stick,charcoal \(medium\),ebonygold,masterpiece,xxmixgirl

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