score_9, score_8_up, score_7_up, 
masterpiece, newest, Highly detailed, 1girl, a 20 year old Japanese girl, Off the shoulders, sitting, arms at sides, long hair, white pantyhose, no shoes, black hair, (White background:1.9), facing the viewer,(full body)
This should be a ((masterpiece)) with a ((best_quality)) in ultra-high resolution, both ((4K)) and ((8K)), incorporating ((HDR)) for vividness and professional quality. Emphasizes a ((blurred background)) with a touch of ((bokeh)) for an artistic effect. Enhance ((vibrant colors)) for a vivid look. Make sure the photograph is ((ultra-detailed)) and shows ((absurd)) details. Pay special attention to capturing the ((beautiful face)) of the subject. The goal is to create a ((professional photograph)) that is visually stunning and technically excellent.

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