((medium hair ,white Bob Hair:1.2)),(a bit forehead, ),center part,((full shot)),red eyes , {maid}, {long maid dress},puff sleeves、Forehead、A glimpse of my forehead, No expression , (((cold look,hair intakes,No expression))),long sleeve maid attire,

code using a computer、create amazing games, Neon lights and holographic projections illuminate the room. game design document. The colors of the scene are vivid and vivid, A combination of neon and pastel tones. Lighting is dynamic, Highlighting the glow from computer screens and holographic projections. Overall image must be of the highest quality, Ultra-detailed elements and realistic, Photorealistic style.no exposure、(masterpiece、highest quality、highest quality、Official Art、Beautiful and aesthetic:1.2)、(One Girl:1.3)、(Fractal Art:1.3)、From the side、cyber punk、Cyberspace、Operating a computer、Looking at the display、performer、center parted bangs(masterpiece, best quality), masterpiece, super fine illustration, best quality, light particles, ,

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