(((by simon bisley, gerald brom, sexy pinup style, silver, gold), (masterpiece),(ultra-detailed), (high quality), (high resolution), (best quality, highres, UHD), highres, absurdo, ultra detail, ultra quality, (((pinup, poster))(Masterpiece: 1.2), (a woman), best quality, ultra-detailed, 8k, HDR, highres,(absurdres:1.2),(best quality, masterpiece),)))(,1girl, solo, long hair, looking at viewer, bangs, black hair, gloves, jewelry, upper body, shiny, white gloves, hood, black eyes, lips, hands up, blood, makeup, halo, facial mark, ring, crown, lipstick, red background, red lips

 )), dark and moody style, perfect face, outstretched perfect hands . masterpiece, professional, award-winning, intricate details, ultra high detailed, 64k, dramatic light, volumetric light, dynamic lighting, Epic, splash art .. ), by james jean $, roby dwi antono $, ross tran $. francis bacon $, michal mraz $, adrian ghenie $, petra cortright $, gerhard richter $, takato yamamoto $, ashley wood, tense atmospheric, , , , sooyaaa,IMGFIX,Comic Book-Style,Movie Aesthetic,action shot,photo r3al,bad quality image,oil painting, cinematic moviemaker style,Japan Vibes,H effect,koh_yunjung ,koh_yunjung,kwon-nara,sooyaaa,colorful,bones,skulls,armor,han-hyoju-xl
,DonMn1ghtm4reXL, ct-fujiii,ct-jeniiii, ct-goeuun,mad-cyberspace,FuturEvoLab-mecha,cinematic_grain_of_film,a frame of a animated film of,score_9,3D,style akirafilm,Wellington22A,cyborg style,ct-virtual)in the style of Conrad Roset, Nicola Samori), (big-breasts:1.4), ultra realistic, (arbitrarily beautiful:1.4), full body, sexy female, latex, (shiny black hair, long braids, ), more detail XL, ct-fujiii,extremely detailed
,ct-virtual,#Anime,brown dust,BG

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