(cutesexyrobutts:0.8), (score_10, score_9_up, score_9, score_8_up, score_7_up, source_anime), (digital painting), (fine line work), (best quality), (extremely detailed), (highest quality), (intricate linework), (intricate details), more detail XL, Photo Taken From Above, Breasts and ass

 AkaliLoLXL, Yellow Eyes, Black Hair, Long Ponytail, Arm Tattoo, Tattoo, small Breasts, white shirt short sleeves, green pleated skirt, long stockings, bag on shoulder, heart, naughty_face, erotic_expression, anime eyes, large eyes, hoop earrings, black choker, blush, eyeliner, makeup, long eyelashes, red eyeshadow, sexy expression, horny expression, blushing, heart shaped pupils, red lipstick, jewlery, erotic pose, sexy pose, horny pose, dominating, dominate, goddess, jogging pants, low ponytail, low_ponytail, ponytail, wid _hips, curvy_hips, beauty mark, hoodie, giant hoodie, girl in love, long hoodie, huge hoodie, large hoodie, zoomed in, headshot, closeup, face_shot, face_only, close_up, head_shot, baseball hat, sun_glasses, sun glasses, leaning forward

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