art by Masamune Shirow, art by J.C. Leyendecker, art by boris vallejo, a masterpiece, stunning beauty, hyper-realistic oil painting, vibrant colors, Horror Comics style, art by brom, tattoo by ed hardy, a woman, shaved hair, neck tattoos by andy warhol, heavily muscled, biceps,glam gore, covered heavily in crisp dark  demonic tattoos, horror, demonic, hell visions, demonic women, military poster style, asian art, chequer board, wearing mirrored sunglasses, dark chiarascuro lighting, a telephoto shot, 1000mm lens, f2,8 , graffiti style , abstract, illustration, 1990 aesthetics, minimalistic, trendy, mixed media, vector art, 4 girls, female focus,  text focus, gradient background, skyscrapers , cross  \(symbol\), glow, the text "TAVITA NIKO"  ,artint,3D

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