(A group of 30 years old sexy sporty mexican women),  (4girls:1.5), (muscular, strong), (muscular strong legs:1.2), waitresses in a rich palace at crowded outdoor party of high society, (sexy pose), sporty tennis shoes, dark hair, red hair, (braid:1.7),  (neck bow tie:1.2),  (full body:1.8),  (ultra tight glossy satin spandex leggings:1.5) (black ultra shiny ultra stretchy leggings:1.5),  (black shiny high waist seamless ultra thin leggings:1.5),  no panties,  no bra,  (narrow chest),  (very small breasts:1.5),  (protruding nipples:1.2),  (wide thighs:1.4),  (full calves:1.5),  (full muscular legs,  full hips:1.5),  (female bodybuilder figure:0.85),  (plus size:0.3), (front view),  look off camera,  (leggings fit like second skin, leggings are looking like a bodypaint), ultra shiny satin spandex,  ankle length),  very realistic image,  very realistic skin,  (ultra thin opaque shiny smooth nylon:1.8),  (no wrinkles or folds is visible on leggings:1.5),  (white long sleeve satin shirt:1.3),  high contrast hyperrealistic sharp image,  other people wearing casual clothes,  (full body shot:1.8)
, h4n3n, kaisatsu, Rashmikasdxl, shptizzz, kaidan, , , , , 
,Rashmikasdxl,greg rutkowski,kaidan,detailmaster2

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