Anatomically correct, Absurdres, Highly detailed, High definition, Ultra-fine painting, Sharp focus, Extreme detail description, dark light efffect,Professional, Photorealistic, Intricate details, Cinematic, realistic skins, Cinematic lighting, Studio lighting, Realistic shadows, low lights, Depth of field, 8K, UHD, Vibrant color palette, Realistic, Photorealistic, Hyperrealistic, Verisimilitude,half moon in the middle of the night,a very beautiful vast botanical garden in the big palace garden, it is very beautiful and different kinds of flowering plants are planted around in the evening, and firefly are looking at the beautiful flowers and it is really perfect in the purity of the garden , truly catch people's eyes, realistic garden, tulips, roses,river flowing, outstanding view, water lilys, realistic waves, koi fish, orchids,street lamps,wide background.,Movie Still,photo r3al

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