Official Art, Unity 8K Wallpaper, Extreme Detailed, Beautiful and Aesthetic, Masterpiece, Top Quality, perfect anatomy, a beautifully drawn (((ink illustration))) depicting, integrating elements of calligraphy, vintage, yellow and pink accents, watercolor painting, concept art, (best illustration), (best shadow), Analog Color Theme, vivid colours, contrast, smooth, sharp focus, scenery,

A celestial ballet of swirling shadows and ethereal light, a cosmic event of incomprehensible beauty and sorrow unfolds in the depths of space. The main subject is a dying star, its once brilliant glow fading into darkness. This haunting image is a mesmerizing photograph captured by a skilled astrophotographer. Every detail is impeccably rendered, from the wisps of cosmic dust to the shimmering tendrils of gas reaching out like skeletal fingers. The contrast between abject decay and transcendent beauty is palpable, leaving viewers in awe of the grandeur of the universe....,more detail XL,(Pencil_Sketch:1.2, messy lines,Ukiyo-e

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