((Highly accurate drawing in every detail)Extremely precise depiction)[High resolution],(detailed illustrations,Very fine and detailed drawing,Delicate drawn lines with tempo,Realistic texture expression),[color traced main line],midsummer beach tropical country,(Girl(beautiful girl)big eyes)) 24 years old girl,(Fine and beautiful skin expression, (transparency)),((Precisely drawn eyes))[Perfect eyes detailed((Beautiful eyes like jewels)Iris drawn in precise detail)[clearly drawn pupils]],[eye light[Pinpoint lighting for the eyes]],[long and beautiful eyelashes],[precisely drawn hair [Beautiful and lustrous hair detailed]],(Perfectly hand detailed [Beautiful fingers with no damage [beautiful nails]]),(perfect anatomy(perfectly balanced proportions))[[full body portrait]],[ideal color coordination(Accurate simulation of light and material interactions)],(HighQuality,High resolution,(detailed,高fine)),[[soft ambient light]],[realistic],[Visual art that tells a story] [[full body portrait]][[watercolor style coloring]][Colorful],((highest quality)fine[[High density drawing]])(4K quality).,flwdrss,Extremely Realistic

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