Emerging from the depths of hell itself is a beast of unimaginable horror. Its body is a grotesque amalgamation of twisted flesh and bone, pulsating with a malevolent energy. Towering at over ten feet, it moves with a nightmarish grace. Its skin is a mottled, charred black, covered in jagged spikes and oozing sores that seep a foul, sulfuric liquid.
The creature's head is a monstrous fusion of a demonic skull and a beastly visage, with hollow, glowing red eyes that burn with eternal rage. Its mouth is a gaping maw filled with rows of razor-sharp teeth, dripping with a corrosive, dark ichor. Long, skeletal arms extend from its torso, ending in taloned hands that can tear through steel with ease.
From its back sprout massive, tattered wings, each flap releasing a gust of scorching, acrid air. Its legs are powerful and muscular, ending in cloven hooves that leave scorched earth in their wake. The beast emits a low, guttural growl that resonates with pure evil, sending shivers down the spine of any who dare to gaze upon it.

This hellish abomination embodies terror, its very presence a blight upon the world, spreading fear and despair wherever it roams.,DonMN1gh7D3m0nXL,HellAI,DonMn1ghtm4reXL,DonMF43XL,DonMM4ch1n3W0rldXL

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