Rustic Style and Natural Materials: The farmhouse should be designed in a rustic style and built with natural materials. Stone walls, wooden floors and ceilings make the house have a natural look.

Large Patio or Courtyard: The house should have a large veranda or courtyard. This area offers an ideal environment to spend time outside and enjoy nature.

Large Windows and Natural Light: The farmhouse should be equipped with large windows and allow plenty of natural light to come in. This ensures that interior spaces are spacious and bright.

Fireplace or Stoves: The home should have a wood-burning area, such as a fireplace or stove. This ensures that the house has a warm and inviting atmosphere and makes it easier to warm up on cold winter days.

Organic Gardens and Agricultural Areas: There should be organic gardens and agricultural areas around the farm house. These areas allow homeowners to grow their own food and support a natural lifestyle.

Wooden Oven or BBQ Area: The home may have a wood oven or BBQ area for outdoor cooking. This allows homeowners to organize enjoyable outdoor events.

Location Away from the City: The farmhouse should be located in a natural environment away from the city. This supports an ideal lifestyle for those seeking silence and peace.

Interiors Equipped with Modern Comforts: Interior spaces should be equipped with modern comforts. Comfortable furniture, modern kitchen equipment and up-to-date technology make life easier and provide comfort.

These elements are some important features that can be taken into account in the design of a very special farmhouse. Each of them contributes to the house providing a natural and comfortable living environment.

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