(Masterpiece: 1.1), (realistic, photorealistic: 1.2), (ultra detailed), (high_quality: 1.2), 1girl, solo, looking_at_viewer, bangs, skirt, shirt, black_hair, long_sleeves, holding, closed_mouth, school_uniform, standing, white_shirt, weapon, pleated_skirt, outdoors, serafuku, socks, sword, sailor_collar, water, holding_weapon, hair_over_one_eye, blurry, black_eyes, blue_skirt, wet, neckerchief, kneehighs, depth_of_field, holding_sword, katana, building, sheath, red neckerchief, legs_apart, fighting_stance, rain, raining, wet_clothes, cowboy_shot, destroyed school as a background,  niji style, complex_background,glowing sword

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