(photorealistic), masterpiece:1.5, beautiful lighting, best quality, beautiful lighting, realistic, real image, intricate details, everything in razor sharp focus, perfect focus, 1man, male focus, perfect face, extremely handsome, Photograph, masterwork, supreme resolution, 32K, ultra-defined, ((((Full length)))),  create amazing sharp focus and detailes on his eyes, (((massive bulge))), (((absurd bulge))), (((very big  bulge))), (((thick bulge))), 

(((absurd res))), (((absurd details))), (((absurd realistic textures))), (((fullbody shot))), (((fullbody))), (((long shot))), (((massive bulge))), (((flaccid cock))), Hyperdetailed photograph, arab God of Light, (radiating bright light), (haute couture coat made out of golden and silver iridescent reflective flowing prismatic photonic energy), he has a small divine halo made of pure light, his face is radiant like the sun, sci-fi, fantasy, supreme realism, detailed skin, macro details, cover photo, fascinating composition, sense of warmth, divine aura, sanctity, hard light, he looks like a Chinese model, extremely beautiful eyes. His eyes, wide and filled with wonder, should appear to look deeply into the viewer's soul, conveying an invitation to appreciate the profound beauty of this scientific marvel, stunning perfect shining eyes, soft skin, intricitaly hyperdetailed, amazing depth, (hairy chest:1.3), DSLR, HDR10, digital photography, vibrant vivid prismatic iridescent colors, very sharp details, Canon EOS R5, ambient light, natural lighting, spot light, hero lights, award winning photography, masterpiece, huge cock, wet, wet cloth

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