Beautiful angel

(4k photography), realistic, detailed, extremely detailed, Photorealistic, masterpiece, beautiful lighting, real image, (extremely detailed skin texture and pores), hyperrealistic, 8k, cinematic, best shadow, detailed background, exquisite facial features, full body, ( perfect hand, perfect finger, Real hands), real life insert, 
(((( realistic, real life insert, photorealistic portrait of a woman with flawless skin and determined eyes. She wears gleaming silver armor adorned with intricate floral engravings, flowing beneath a long white robe. Powerful white angel wings unfurl behind her, catching the golden light of a rising sun. A gentle breeze blows her long blue skirt, revealing a glimpse of the magnificent kingdom sprawling behind her, its spires reaching towards a sky filled with fluffy white clouds. )))), ,Hyper Realistic photo,photorealistic,

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