The image features a home design with advanced technology and sustainability focus. The house has a modern and minimalist appearance, but attracts attention with its functionality and usefulness.

The house is equipped with high-tech smart systems. Systems such as lighting, heating, security and home entertainment can be easily controlled through touch panels integrated into the walls. It can also be controlled via voice commands or via mobile app.

With a focus on sustainability, the home utilizes renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines. Water conservation measures such as rainwater harvesting systems and gray water recycling are also available.

The house has an open-plan design and features a living area surrounded by large glass walls. These glass walls let in natural light and bring the outside view inside.

The home features an interior design that ensures fluid transitions between indoors and outdoors. While a spacious and minimalist interior decoration style is preferred, comfort and elegance is ensured with the use of warm wood tones and natural materials.

This visual design shows how future homes can combine technology, sustainability and aesthetics, presenting a concept that improves the quality of life of users.

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