Sure, here's a visual design idea about forest fairies:

In the visual, a mysterious atmosphere is created deep in a magical forest, under large-leaved trees. Inside the forest are graceful dryads wandering among the colorful flowers and lush foliage.

Fairies glide gently with their sparkling wings. They look like a part of nature with their elegant clothes and flowers in their hair. They protect the beauty of the forest by spreading love and joy around them with cheerful expressions on their faces.

In the background, a magical atmosphere is created with the rays of sunlight spreading into the forest. While colorful butterflies and birds fly in the forest, an atmosphere filled with dancing light particles is created around the fairies.

This visual design brings together the beauty of nature and the elegance of fairies in a fairy-tale and magical atmosphere, offering viewers an experience that expands the limits of imagination.May the fairies' faces be beautiful and attractive Let the forest colors be vibrant and bright

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