Imagine the following scene.

Outdoors on an afternoon, at dusk. In a very busy square. A handsome man poses to the camera

The man is from Indian. Muscular. 24yo. Very light and bright blue eyes, big eyes, full and red lips, long eyelashes. male, blush.

Wearing a short-sleeved shirt, the shirt with a rose design on the front, with many gradient designs, black jeans, white sports shoes. ((Wear a headband)), earrings, chain around your neck. (((A lot of hair on the chest)))

He has a dynamic pose, smiles at the camera. The man is a professional model

The shot is wide to capture the details of the scene. Full body shot. (the shot is from bottom to top). best quality, 8K, high resolution, masterpiece, HD, perfect proportions, perfect hands.,Asian Model,More Detail,man

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