After Huge explosion

(4k photography), realistic, detailed, extremely detailed, Photorealistic, masterpiece, beautiful lighting, real image, (extremely detailed skin texture and pores), hyperrealistic, 8k, cinematic, best shadow, detailed background, exquisite facial features, full body, ( perfect hand, perfect finger, Real hands), real life insert, 
(((( realistic, real life insert, lone female warrior stands amidst the wreckage of a battlefield. Her vibrant pink hair, tied in two high buns, defies the grim surroundings. Clad in a sailor shirt and a cute short skirt, an unexpected contrast to the war-torn landscape, she exudes an aura of determination. Black boots provide a sense of practicality, while a glowing wand clutched in her right hand hints at her magical prowess. Smoke and dust billow around her, highlighting the intensity of the battle.  )))), ,Hyper Realistic photo,photorealistic

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