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 (fashion illustration:1.3) Haute couture, no particular features, of (graffiti urban style fashion: 1.3) BREAK "THNK 15K", (dinamic jumig pose: 1.2) || in the style of Izumi Kogahara ||, (long shot: 1.2) (frutiger style:1.3), (colorful:1.3), (2004 aesthetics:1.2). X, swirls, \(symbol\), (gradient background:1.3). Saturated colors, tonal transitions, detailed, minimalistic, concept art, intricate detail, World character design, high-energy, concept art, Masterpiece, Fashion Illustration,iconic, PoP art,more detail XL, intricate colors blend, photorealism, leonardo, artint, sweetscape, ink ,score_9

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