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An epic scene on a battlefield in the world of One Piece, under pouring rain that adds a sense of urgency and drama to the environment. In the center of the scene, Sanji stands in a defiant pose, staring into the eyes of his adversary with determination and bravery. His blonde hair, engulfed in intense flames, falls over one of his eyes, adding a touch of mystery and danger to his expression. The main focus of the image should be on Sanji's face, showing a tough and determined expression that reflects his combative nature. Inspired by Sakimichan's style, a stunning photorealistic representation is sought that captures every detail of his face and hair, using advanced rendering and HDR techniques to achieve stunning visual effects. The composition should be frontal, highlighting Sanji's imposing presence on the battlefield. The image should convey the theme of 'the father of pain and revenge', showing the strength and desire for revenge that drives the character. A digital approach is preferred for the poster, with intense colors and an energetic atmosphere. Additionally, the presence of flames and the reference to 'the dead man's chest' are mentioned as additional elements that could be subtly integrated into the design of the image. This artwork is intended to be a tribute to the One Piece anime in the year 2021, capturing the essence and spirit of Sanji's character in a moment of intensity and action.

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