Paladin Droid From Valhalla

Create image of a futuristic, biomechanical warrior standing majestically. The figure is predominantly ivory and metallic gold with orange-glowing intricate patterns resembling circuitry across the body. Style is detailed and hyper-realistic, textures suggesting both organic and synthetic materials. The warrior's armor is highly ornamental and segmented, comprising layered plate-like structures with curvilinear edges and sharp spikes. The helmet features elongated, horn-like protrusions that arch backwards and taper to fine points, with a V-shaped visor that obscures the eyes, emitting an orange glow. Proportions are heroic, slightly elongated and exaggerated, with broad shoulders and a tapered waist, creating an imposing presence. The armor's design is anatomical, with each piece following the form of the muscles beneath. The background is a deep space scene, predominantly black with soft white star highlights, providing contrast that emphasizes the figure. There are subtle nebulas with faint hints of blue and purple, adding depth but not distracting from the main subject. The foreground focuses on the figure, with no additional elements to challenge the dominance of the warrior. Light sources seem to come from multiple directions, creating dynamic lighting which accentuates the textures and details of the armor, especially the glowing patterns. science fiction, hdr, ray tracing, nvidia rtx, super-resolution, unreal 5, subsurface scattering, pbr texturing, post-processing, anisotropic filtering, depth of field, maximum clarity and sharpness,

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