Laffey (Azur Lane) (1/4)

Hyper-Detailed Anime of Laffey \(Azur Lane\), 1girl, solo, long hair, looking at viewer, bangs, skirt, hair ornament, red eyes, thighhighs, long sleeves, animal ears, twintails, collarbone, jacket, full body, white hair, pleated skirt, hairband, boots, grey background, off shoulder, rabbit ears, white thighhighs, zettai ryouiki, red skirt, thigh boots, strap slip, camisole, machinery, turret, cannon, red hairband, pink jacket, searchlight,simple background,cluttered maximalism
(rule of thirds:1.3),(thick drawing lines:1.2),perfect composition,studio photo,trending on artstation,(Masterpiece,Best quality,32k,UHD,sharp focus,high contrast,HDR,hyper-detailed,intricate details,ultra-clear:1.3),(cinematic lighting),photo_b00ster, real_booster,art_booster,ani_booster

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