A little Steam Punk for ya

score_9, score_8_up, score_7_up, photorealistic, perfect anatomy, realistic character, hyper photorealism, very high contrast photograph, street photography, cinematic lighting, dramatic lighting, 

(((a girl is repairing a steam engine in the steamy smoky workshop))), (a 19 yo girl, (Ana de Armas:0.70), (redhead:1.1)), very cute, (perfect eyes:1.1), photorealistic wavy hair, a girl in a steampunk jumpsuit in light gray color, steampunk choker, cowboy shot, perfect detailed face, detailed symmetric green eyes with circular iris, fixing a steam engine in the steampunk garage filled with steam and smoke, cogs and gears, steamy background with lots of steam pipes and steam valves and pressure gauges and gears, intricate background, very highly detailed costume, very highly detailed background, steampunk fantasy style, steampunk , steampunk aesthetic, steamy, smoky,SteamPunkNoireAI

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