And this is the cutest, sweetest image I've ever made with this technology. Kawaii.

1girl, STICKER ART, pastel goth, Catholicpunk aesthetic art, gloved hands, cute goth girl in a fusion of Japanese-inspired Gothic punk fashion, glasses, skulls, dark, goth. black gloves, tight corset, black tie, incorporating traditional Japanese motifs and punk-inspired details,Emphasize the unique synthesis of styles, (symbol\), pastel goth,dal,colorful,chibi emote style,artint,score_9, score_8_up ,heavy makeup, earrings,candycore outfits,pastel aesthetic,Maximalism Pink Lolita Fashion,
Clothes with kawaii prints inspired by Decora, cute pastel colors, heart ,emo, kawaiitech, dollskill,chibi,huge cock

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