oil painting of Landscape painting of Tribal hunters in the grass (butterfly:1.5),(butterfly theme:1.5),(dark horror theme:1.5),(thriller:1.5),(inspiration from Stephen King:1.5),(dark fantasy:1.5), (ink and watercolor painting:1.5), (black and white color:1.5), 8k, 4k, (landscapes:1.5),(A large number of butterflies fly towards the viewer:1.5),(ruined:1.5),(ruined village:1.5),(1800s:1.5), (ruined theme:1.5),(lots of flying butterflies:1.5),(puddle:1.5),(Unpaved roads:1.5),(absurderes:1.5),(fantastic:1.5),(best quality:1.5),(masterpiece:1.5),full body length,Quartz Manganite babygirl plays with doll,pretty face,eyebrow up,full body shot,ominous landscape,Fluorite Wulfenite atmosphere,by art Simon Stalenhag,Nicola Samori,(((Wangechi Mutu))),prime colors,((Masterpiece)),((Best quality)),((High- sharpness)),((Realistic,)) Chinese landscape ,closeup view,Mist ,Heavy fog,Lakes and waves,tree,snow mountains,Reflection,Minimalism,zen aesthetic,Zen composition,Chinese landscape painting,4K((Masterpiece)),((Best quality)),((High- sharpness)), ((Utra Sharp:1.4)), Clear background ,John Bowson,Backlight,Tyndall effect,A bird, Sparkling lake , Pink octane rendering science fiction, New Moon, Red sky, Gradient backg,extremely detailed,masterpiece,intricate details,faded,eyes extremely detailed, high detailed eyes,4k resolution,RAW, Nikon Z9,scary town,full body length,evil ghost, Winnie-the-Pooh Iridescent,intricate details,,orc,Stone Forest in Yunnan Province of China,best quality, ultra-detailed, realistic, portraits, dark and eerie atmosphere, glowing eyes, ethereal presence, hauntingly beautiful, ghostly figures, swirling mists, supernatural entities, demonic essence, shadowy forms, eerie whispers, sinister aura, hauntingly pale skin, dark and twisted branches, flickering candlelight, macabre elements, mysterious and enigmatic, spectral apparitions, gothic art style, hauntingly captivating, spectral realm, hauntingly melancholic, otherworldly beauty, ethereal glow, hauntingly haunting, chilling and atmospheric, eerie and ominous lighting.

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