These were too funny not to share. 😆😅

(wide shot angle: 1.3) of (graffiti urban style: 1.5) multicolored BREAK in a cement wall (front view: 1.3) of an intricate (text "15K LIKES": 1.6) BREAK (close shot:1.2), well lit, BREAK (shot on GoPro Hero:1.4), Fujicolor Pro film, (low-contrast:1.5), in the style of Keith Haring/Banksy/Martin Ron/Eduardo Kobra, BREAK (photorealistic:1.3), (frutiger style:1.3), (colorful:1.3), (2004 aesthetics:1.2).  X, swirls, \(symbol\), (gradient background:1.3).  highest quality, detailed and intricate, original shot, more detail XL, no humans, Saturated colors, tonal transitions, detailed, minimalistic, concept art, intricate detail, World character design, high-energy, concept art, Masterpiece, Fashion Illustration,iconic, PoP art,more detail XL, intricate colors blend, photorealism,leonardo,artint,sweetscape,ink ,score_9,Text,vaporwave style,aw0k euphoric style

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