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Desert woman, tanned skin, dark hair,  glowing blue eyes with both blue sclera and blue irises, dune fremen woman, headscarf and cloack of tattered fabric, desert wind, complex futurisitc suit showing wear, sand particles, standing among the sands of arrakis, futuristic fantasy, personification of beautiful mysterious soul,extremly intricate detailed,intricate motifs,by sparth, henrik sahlstrom, Jeremy Mann,Jean Beraud,Andree Wallin,Victor Gabriel Gilbert,Aaron Horkey,shallow depth of field,soft dramatic lighting,Craig Mullins,maximalist,pretty,Ray Tracing,Yoshikata Amano,Edwin Landseer,Ismail Inceoglu,Russ Mills,Victo Ngai,Bella Kotak,perfect composition,amazing depth,dreamy masterwork by head of prompt engineering, ghost person,more detail XL,Decora_SWstyle

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