Masterpiece, best quality, extremely detailed, (illustration, official art: 1.1), (((((1 girl))))), ((light blue long hair))), light blue hair, 10 years old,  ((blush)), cute face, big eyes, masterpiece, best quality, ((a very delicate and beautiful girl)))), amazing, beautiful detailed eyes, blunt bangs (((little delicate girl)))), tareme (true beautiful: 1.2),
,Bubble, under the water
、An extremely close up portrait with low exposure inspired by the cover art of Wind of Change by MAXPVNK, of a light blue  haired girl facing the camera, her face submerged up to nose level in clean, still, glowing neon blue lent water, only her blue eyeballs visible shining brightly in focus beneath the glowing surface looking directly at the viewer, small delicate blue flowers decorating her hair, against a dark blurred background, intricate water ripples radiating from her nose, digital painting in highly detailed niji anime art style, --ar 1:1 --niji

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