1man, Akira-style, dark and eerie yet beautiful comic panel illustration: A male psychic warrior in the midst of Neo-Tokyo's dystopian decay, his silhouette a stark contrast in a sleek black bodysuit against the ruins. A billowing red cape envelops him, undulating with the same menacing energy that radiates from his core. Surrounded by a radiant aura of raw, pulsating energy, he stands as the embodiment of chaos mastered, his presence both foreboding and alluring. The air is alive with the electric hum of his power, a silent yet deafening testament to his telekinetic prowess. Amidst the city's shadowy wreckage, his eyes glint with unyielding resolve, reflecting the iconic intensity of 'Akira's' espers a haunting portrait of human potential and its enigmatic allure, pushed beyond the realms of possibility, with explosive headband, lineart By Herg, with Neon Led applications at night, very detailed, in Action, skull, very detailed, hd, RAW photograph, masterpiece, top quality, best quality, official art,highest detailed, atmospheric lighting, cinematic composition, complex multiple subjects, 4k HDR, vibrant, highly detailed, Leica Q2 with Summilux 35mm f/1.2 ASPH, clear face, Ultra High Resolution, wallpaper, 8K, Rich texture details, hyper detailed, detailed background, dramatic angle, epic composition, high quality , (8k, RAW photo, highest quality), hyperrealistic

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