the viking

"A seasoned Viking warrior, his chainmail hauberk stained and tattered from countless raids. A broadaxe hangs at his side, its blade nicked from many a battle. His skin is weathered and smeared with the grit of the northern wilds, and atop his head sits a rugged, wide-brimmed iron helmet, the horns long since broken off. Between his teeth, he clenches a thin bone needle, used for mending sails and wounds alike. His hands, though rough and calloused, are adept and show the precision of a master craftsman. He is a man in his prime, embodying the Norse era, with leather boots laced to his knees and a cloak of dark wolf fur draped over his broad shoulders. This Viking has lived his life on the edge of sword and sea, always placing the honor of the warrior and the glory of Valhalla above all else. In his grip, he holds a longsword, a stark contrast to the ravaged battlefield around him, where broken shields and the smoke from funeral pyres rise to the grey skies.",
,SamuraiXQuiron man,A Traditional Japanese Art,fr4z3tt4 ,watercolor \(medium\)

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