masterpiece,1girl,(mature female:0.5),tall body,golden proportions,(Kpop idol),(shiny skin:1.2),(oil skin:1.1),makeup,(close up),depth of field,(closed mouth:0.5),((long wavy purple hair)),(puffy eyes),(eyelashes:1.1),(parted lips:1.1),red lipstick,fantasy art style,dreamy light,(high neck purple wedding dress:1.59),(dark purple long wedding dress:1.39),(purple lace:1.36),(All clothes are purple:1.49),perfect body,(purple dreamy veil:1.3),(dusk:1.2),(princess shoes:1.1),(diamond necklace),(crystal hairpin),tyndall effect,highres,BREAK,(Sitting on a garden bench in a garden full of peony flowers, next to a lotus pond with ancient Chinese architecture in the background:1.49), (big breasts:2.33),(Lotus Pond,purple Flower:1.59)

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