((Extremely realistic photos)), ((Ultra-sharp focus)), (Realistic textures and skins: 1.1), Aesthetics. Masterpiece, Pure Perfection, HD ((Best Quality, Masterpiece, Detailed)), Ultra High Resolution, HDR, Art, High Detail, Add More Details, (Extreme and Complex Details), ((Original Photo, 64k: 1.37)), ((Sharp Focus: 1.2)), (Soft Colors, Dusky Colors, Soothing Tones), Siena Natural Proportions, ((More Details xl)), More Details xl, Enhance All, On the snow-capped Great Wall, covered with thousands of miles of ice and snow, stand Taiwanese beauties. Her long black hair was messed up by the wind. She is cold and beautiful, with a sad face, bare shoulders, and big natural breasts. (((Wearing a red tulle dress))).

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