(8K, RAW shooting, highest quality, master piece), high resolution RAW color profile, (realistic, photorealism: 1.37), (highest quality), (best shadow), (best illustration), (reality: 1.2), (details) ) ) details) )((masterpiece, top quality), (actual photo: 1.4), white elegance, (detailed details), (surrounding clouds), 1 person, female, 18 years old, mysterious beautiful girl, perfect anatomy, perfect proportions, perfect face, glowing eyes, big eyes, handsome short hair, pink hair, cyberpunk, black headphones with fluorescent green lines, black sleeveless top with fluorescent lines, Black bike shorts with fluorescent lines, black garter belt, black lace stockings, black lace-up boots, looking at the camera, dynamic pose, dark metropolis at night, boulevards illuminated by buildings and neon lights, neon lights reflecting on the face. Soft focus, Airy photo, Conceptual art, Realism, ((Flat chest)), Canon, High detail, High resolution, HD Fine, 16K resolution, Real, Raw photo, Absurd, Absolute resolution: 1.4), Full body portrait, Full body Esbian,gunatyou

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