Abstract Pop Surrealism: A fusion of abstract, pop sexypirate,Detailedfaceperfect, photo r3al, detailmaster2, masterpiece, photorealistic, 8k, 8k UHD, best quality, ultra realistic, ultra detailed, hyperdetailed photography, real photo, blue sport thin jacket, white & black, a UFO crashes into a mountain, is smashed diagonally into the mountainside, completely out of commission, atmosphere,top,rutkowski,industrialbuilding,d1p5comp_style,photo_b00ster,DonM1uth3rXL,Enhanced All,3d toon style,3d isometric,more detail XL,paiyama,egypttech,hdsrmr,bunnytech,Ultra details++ ,aasuzune,ChineseWatercolorPainting,DonMD4rk3lv3s,vamptech,DonMFr4ck7ur3dUnd3rw0rld,T-90M,DonMS4ndW0rld,F-22,Green Crystal Mecha

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